23 October 2014
What we do for you
What you will find on this website

Our aim on this site is to cover the issues associated with promoting your business on the Internet in as jargon free way as possible.

However, we are so close to our subject that we may occasionally fail to keep the jargon out.

Our apologies in advance where this happens, and we would welcome a short note from you to point out our slip-ups!

We cover;

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Growing Your Internet Presence

Need to grow your business using the internet?

Find out how the Internet is changing the rules of business ...

... and how WSI can take you through the process.

Needing growth?

My business doesn't get enough leads from my website

Find out here how you can solve that problem?

No Visitors?

I am getting visitors to my website but no enquiries

What is wrong and how can I fix it?

Be on target?

I need to be on page 1 of Google tomorrow....

Is it possible and how do I achieve it?

Guidance required?

I am told my website is confusing....

what do they mean and what do I do now?

Catch your competition

My competitor's site is on page 1 of Google...

...why isn't mine?

What a good idea!

I have a great internet business idea.

how do I promote it?


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